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ARM Staff

Jack K. Lindquist READ BIO
Senior Rail Maintenance Specialist

Dennis M. Marushy READ BIO
Rail Maintenance Specialist

Jeff Schweisthal READ BIO
Rail Maintenance & Grinding Specialist

Shane A. Kweens READ BIO
Data Processing Coordinator

Terry A. Fowler READ BIO
Optical Rail Measurement Specialist

Henry W. Kweens READ BIO
Data Processing Specialist


James Dwyer READ BIO
Senior Consultant
- Transit Specialist

Jim Hornaday READ BIO
Senior Consultant

Joe Kalousek, Ph.D., P.Eng. READ BIO
Senior Consultant

Michael E. McGinley, P.Eng. READ BIO
Senior Consultant
- Track Engineer

Thomas A. Turner READ BIO
Senior Consultant
- Program Manager

Johan Vigen READ BIo
Senior Consultant - Wheel Truing Specialist

Art Worth READ BIO
Senior Consultant - Track Standards

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