ARM Awarded Edmonton Transit Contract
Edmonton Transit (ETS) has awarded Advanced Rail Management Corporation (ARM) the contract to manage rail grinding operations on its 20.3 km route. ARM’s responsibilities include execution of pre-grind inspection and analysis, development of an optimized grinding plan, execution of the plan, management and oversight of all contracted operations, and analysis of post-grind track conditions. READ MORE >
ARM Introduces Speno SRR 16M-4 Grinder to U.S. Market
Advanced Rail Management Corporation (ARM) has initiated grinding operations for CSX with a new SRR 16M-4 rail grinder from Swiss manufacturer
Speno International. ARM’s work with this grinder is important as it represents the first modern Speno grinder in operation in the North American market. READ MORE >

Who are these guys & what are they doing?
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Advanced Rail Management Corporation is a consulting/contract service company providing turnkey rail/wheel maintenance solutions on freight, passenger and rail transit systems in the U.S. and Canada since 1990.

Individual services include: wheel/rail interface studies; optical rail measurement; wheel measurement; dynamic wheel/rail interaction analysis via undercar video; track geometry measurement; planning and supervision of rail grinding programs; training and monitoring of wheel truing procedures; data integration and analysis and monitoring.

ARM’s experienced staff gathers and evaluates data on rail and wheel conditions, designs intelligent corrective measures, efficiently implements and oversees all field work, then carefully monitors and reports on the effect over time..

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